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Stop Mosquitoes From Ruining Your Special Event

With graduation and wedding season fast approaching, you’ve likely got your hands full planning the perfect party or event. From choosing the tables centerpiece to deciding where you’re going to put the children’s table, it’s easy to forget about the little things, like pest control.

Mosquito Squad of Palm Beaches is here to ensure that your graduation party or wedding isn’t ruined by the worst party crasher of all – mosquitoes. With the recent news of the Zika virus spreading to the United States, it’s important that we all take measures to protect our loved ones from mosquito bites. This is especially important if anyone attending your special event is pregnant, or planning on becoming pregnant.

How can you avoid being bitten?

When it comes to misleading mosquitoes, the Mosquito Squad of Palm Beaches is fully equipped to protect you and your loved ones.

Our Mosquito Control Barrier treatment is a great option for any event, whether the event is at your home or at third party venue. Our team of experts will arrive one or two days prior to your event to deploy the barrier spray that dries in less than an hour and lasts for up to 21 days. This leaves ample time for your party planner and family to make last minute changes to the decorations – without having to worry about mosquitoes.

What about other pesky insects?

As most events will incorporate some type of food, we’re frequently asked if our service will help keep scavenging insects away. It does. The Mosquito Control Barrier will effectively prevent any stinging or biting insects from disrupting your special event.

How safe is the Mosquito Control Barrier?

If you’re worried that our treatment may be harmful for kids or pets, don’t be. Our EPA approved solution is kid-friendly, as well as pet-friendly. If that doesn’t make you comfortable enough, we have an all-natural mosquito prevention spray, crafted from essential oils, that will effectively keep mosquitoes from bothering you for up to 14 days.

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