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Mosquito Squad of Palm Beaches Automatic Misting System

Are mosquitoes making it impossible to enjoy time outdoors? Mosquito Squad can help protect your home from these nasty pests with our automatic misting system.

Our South Florida pest control experts can provide a free consultation to find the best solution for your yard. An automatic misting system may be right for you if you’re seeking a hands-off solution to your mosquito problem, and it lasts all season. The automatic mister is installed on your property in the places where mosquitoes are most likely to congregate, like pools, gazebos, decks, gardens, and fences. You can work with our technicians to customize the areas where you need to control the mosquito problems the most and nozzles will be placed so you won’t even know they’re there.

Mosquito Squad’s insecticide is automatically mixed with water every spray cycle so that you can go on with your life without having to constantly adjust the system and try to deflect the mosquitoes yourself. The misting system will then spray 30-second blasts 2-4 times a day when mosquitoes are known to be the most active. The Mosquito Squad app can also help you control the timing of the sprays, and a remote control can help you set up the system specially for parties and events where large amounts of people will be outdoors.

Our misting systems are smart and can even detect differences in wind speed that may affect mosquito control, so that the insecticide will not go to waste and keep each spray effective. In the event of a circuit malfunction or leak, our misting systems will also automatically shut down until a technician is able to service it.

Automatic misting systems are the best in mosquito control as they also help stave off ticks and other pests as well, and prevent them from returning. Our team monitors the systems remotely so that you don’t even have to think about it.

Mosquito Squad of Palm Beaches is happy to provide regular cleaning and maintenance of your automatic misting system as well to prevent nozzles from getting blocked or springing leaks, and we also winterize the automatic misting system during the colder months.

Call us at 561-744-1010 today, and let us protect your home and your family from annoying pests.

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