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All Natural Protection in Jupiter FL

Every summer, homeowners all throughout the United States have concern about mosquito season. As the temperatures rise, the population of pests like mosquitoes and ticks rise as well. Fortunately, Mosquito Squad of Palm Beach has been hard at work to provide mosquito control to the residents of South Florida including Jupiter FL and the Palm Beaches area. The most common service we provide to our clients is our traditional barrier protection program. However, if you interested in living an environmentally friendly lifestyle, you will be happy to know that we offer an all natural/organic option for all clients who are interested.

Organic Mosquito Control for Your Yard

The organic mosquito spray offered by the Mosquito Squad of Palm Beaches is made from essential oils that function differently to eliminate mosquitoes than our traditional barrier spray. Not only is this spray capable of killing adult mosquitoes on contact, but it also acts as a repellant to prevent more mosquitoes from infesting your home and yard. While our traditional spray is made to be ingested by mosquitoes to kill them, our organic mosquito spray works by repelling the pests with the smell.
You and your family members may notice a slight botanical fragrance for the first few hours after the spraying. This scent will dissipate after a few hours. However, mosquitoes will continue to smell this fragrance, which will keep them away from your home.

After the initial spraying, our organic mosquito control solution will be able to repel mosquitoes and other pests for up to two weeks. Therefore, if you want to keep the pests from coming back to your home, we recommend spraying twice a month.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

While there is no mosquito control solution in existence that can eliminate all the pests from your property, we guarantee that our organic spray will reduce the population of pests on your property significantly. Our organic spray is able to cut mosquito populations by as much as 75%. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, we guarantee that we will give you a no-hassle refund.

Without a doubt, professional organic mosquito control is a great way to keep the pests away in an environmentally friendly manner. While removing sources of standing water on your property should help to keep the mosquitoes away, organic mosquito control will finish the job. If you have any questions about the mosquito control options we offer, please contact George at Mosquito Squad of Palm Beaches by calling (561) 389-2089

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